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3 Tips For A Stress Free Dog Boarding Experience

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As a dog owner, utilizing a dog boarding facility can be something that is extremely helpful when going away on vacation. This way, you know your dog is being taken care of 247 while you are away. However, dog boarding can bring on some stressors for both you and your dog that you may not know how to handle. Here are three tips for a stress free dog boarding experience: Read More»

4 Tips For Owning A Dog When You're On A Budget

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There is a good reason that dogs are known as man’s best friend– they are typically loyal and love their human family unconditionally. Many people want to add a dog to their family, but they worry that the expenses are beyond their budget. Luckily, it is possible to be a loving, responsible dog owner without breaking the bank. Use the following tips if you don’t have a ton of money, but you have a lot of love to offer to a dog: Read More»

Giving Someone A Kitten As A Gift? What To Know

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Considering giving someone the gift of a kitten? There are some important things that you’ll want to do before you give them this great gift. You want to make sure that the cat is safe to give as a gift, and that the cat is ready to live a long healthy life. It doesn’t matter where you are getting the cat from, and you want to make an appointment with a veterinarian, at a place like Chicago Cat Clinic, to have it checked out. Read More»

Common Questions About Pet Dental Care Answered

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There are few aspects of being a pet owner that are more important than ensuring that your pet is receiving the proper preventative medical care. Unfortunately, many pet owners will make the mistake of neglecting to have their pet’s teeth properly maintained. Sadly, this type of neglect can be extremely detrimental to your pet. However, if you understand the answers to a couple of common questions about pet dental services, you will be better able to make informed decisions for your furry friend. Read More»

I Don't Want That: 4 Ways To Help Your Finicky Canine

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Dogs have a mind of their own, especially when it comes to the foods they’re willing to eat. They may be willing to dig through trashcans in search of tasty treats and then turn their noses up at the food you place in their food bowl. Don’t get discouraged. Here are four simple tricks that will turn your fussy eater into a happy eater in no time at all. Don’t Beg Read More»

Taking Your New Dog To A Veterinarian For Checkups

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Are you the owner of a dog for the first time and have no clue how he or she should be cared for? It is wise for you to get into the habit of taking your dog for regular checkups with a veterinarian, as it will keep you on top of health problems that might arise.  In this article, learn a few things that should be done when your pet is taken to a veterinarian for checkups. Read More»

Winter Grooming Tips That Will Make Your Cat's Life Better

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During the winter months, you cat has specific grooming needs that they need assistance with. Here are a few things you can do for your cat to make their life easier this winter.  #1 Assist Your Cat With Growing A Healthy Winter Coat During the winter months, your cat will grow a thicker coat of hair. This will help keep your cat nice and warm when it gets cold outside.  Read More»

3 Common Questions That People Have About Spaying And/Or Neutering Their Pets

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With so many puppies and kittens filling the animal shelters, it is crucial that you spay or neuter your pets if you do not want unwanted puppies or kittens. It isn’t fair to these animals to bring them into the world if you can’t provide a loving home for them. While many people hear about spaying and neutering their animals, they may have questions that they would like answered before they take their animals in. Read More»

5 Ways You Can Prevent Cancer In Your Canine Companion

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Are you worried that your dog may be susceptible to cancer? Certain cancers are hereditary, and there are dog breeds that are more predisposed towards cancer than others. As an example, over half of all golden retrievers will eventually get cancer. Though the risks may be genetic, there are still some things that you as a conscientious pet owner can do to reduce your pet’s cancer risk. 1. Filter Your Dog’s Water Read More»