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Three Puppy Breeds Perfect for Families Who Go Camping at the Lake

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If your family loves to go camping near big lakes, and you're looking for a new puppy, then you should pick a breed that loves the outdoors and also likes to swim. Not all dog breeds are suitable for taking on a camping trip, so you want to pick one that is comfortable being outdoors. Furthermore, if you happen to enjoy camping near lakes, ponds, and rivers when you go on vacation, you should keep that in mind and pick a puppy that is breed to love the water. This way the dog will get to enjoy the water with you and your family. Below is a list of some great puppy breeds that love the water.

Irish Water Spaniel

This first breed is perfect for families who want a water dog that won't shed too much. The breed has a very dense coat of hair that won't get all around your house. The hair is very curly, so it doesn't easily get matted down into fabrics. For this reason, many people who are normally slightly allergic to dogs find that these puppies make a great choice.

The breed is one of the oldest spaniel breeds. It was used in Ireland for many years as a hunting dog, especially in areas with water. The dog loves to be outside, so it will make a great companion on camping trips. It's also really good with kids, so if you have young kids in your family, then this dog is great. The breed has a very nice temperament.

Chesapeake-Bay Retriever

This breed was developed in Maryland during the 1800s. They were bred to assist hunters who went after fowl in the bay. The dog looks similar to a the popular labrador retriever, so if you know that breed, you will get a good sense of the size and temperament of the Chesapeake-Bay retriever. The main characteristic difference (besides being super fond of water) is that the hair on the Chesapeake-Bay retriever is wavy and not straight and smooth. The coat is thick, but it does not require excessive care. In fact, if you over brush the dog, you can harm the coat by removing the natural protective oils. It's a very easy to care for this dog that is also super friendly and great with kids.


Don't overlook the classic poodle. This is a great breed for families who want a hypoallergenic breed. The dogs have a coat that doesn't shed, but it does require frequent (weekly) grooming. The dogs love to be active, but they are also great for families that don't have large homes. You can get a small poodle, which will be comfortable in a smaller living space but that will still love to run around outside and explore the woods and go swimming.

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