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Common Questions About Pet Dental Care Answered

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There are few aspects of being a pet owner that are more important than ensuring that your pet is receiving the proper preventative medical care. Unfortunately, many pet owners will make the mistake of neglecting to have their pet's teeth properly maintained. Sadly, this type of neglect can be extremely detrimental to your pet. However, if you understand the answers to a couple of common questions about pet dental services, you will be better able to make informed decisions for your furry friend.

What Happens If You Fail To Have Your Pet's Teeth Cleaned?

Your pet's teeth are subjected to the same forces of wear and tear that can damage your own teeth. In particular, tooth decay and gum disease can be particularly common for pets. While these issues may not seem like major health problems, they can dramatically lower the quality of life that your pet enjoys. Also, it is possible for severely neglected teeth to lead to higher chances of the animal developing secondary complications, such as infections. By having your pet's teeth professionally cleaned at least twice a year, you can help ensure that your pet's mouth stays as healthy as possible for years to come.

Will Your Pet Be Sedated?

Many pet owners are leery of having their pets receive medications or sedatives. While this is an understandable concern, it should be noted that most animals will simply not cooperate when the veterinarian is performing a dental cleaning and evaluation. In some cases, the pet may even bite the veterinarian during these procedures, which can lead to serious injuries. To minimize these risks, it is usually necessary to administer at least a mild sedative. You may not want your pet to receive this type of sedation, but it can be the only option for allowing the veterinarian to safely and effectively clean your pet's teeth.

Dental care is one aspect of caring for a pet that many people can make the error of neglecting. Often, this neglect is a result of the owner being poorly informed about this part of their pet's health. To help your pet receive the best care possible, you should make sure to understand the answers to these two common questions. By understanding the dangers of neglecting a pet's dental health as well as the fact that the pet may have to be sedated, you will be more informed about the importance of routine pet dental services and what should be expected during these procedures.