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5 Ways You Can Prevent Cancer In Your Canine Companion

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Are you worried that your dog may be susceptible to cancer? Certain cancers are hereditary, and there are dog breeds that are more predisposed towards cancer than others. As an example, over half of all golden retrievers will eventually get cancer. Though the risks may be genetic, there are still some things that you as a conscientious pet owner can do to reduce your pet's cancer risk.

1. Filter Your Dog's Water

Dogs have far less body mass than humans and thus concentrations of chemicals in the water may be more harmful to them than to people. As an example, certain areas have higher levels of arsenic in the tap water. This level of arsenic may be safe for a 160 pound person, but not for a 16 pound poodle. Filter your dog's water with an ordinary kitchen filter that is designed for people. 

2. Pay Attention To Where Your Pet's Chew Toys come From

Rawhide, in particular, often comes from China -- and this can be a problem because carcinogenic compounds are not as well regulated in China as in the United States. If you want to give your pet a fun chew, avoid treats that you can't identify the origin of. You may also want to avoid smoked treats as they are "smoked" through burning, an inherently carcinogenic process. 

3. Give Your Dog A Dose Of Antioxidants

Just like people, dogs can benefit from antioxidants. Many healthier dog foods already have antioxidants in them, but you don't need to rely on dog foods -- you can also add supplements like antioxidant chews to your dog's regular treat rotation.

Note: there is controversy regarding whether garlic should be used as a nutritional supplement for dogs. If you do decide to use garlic, consult with your vet clinic first. 

4. Avoid Second Hand Smoke

It should go without saying, but many people simply forget that second hand smoke affects dogs as much as it can affect people. You should avoid smoking in proximity of your dog -- after all, their lungs are much smaller!

5. Keep Them Trim

Obesity is known to increase a variety of cancer risks in people, and it stands to reason that it should increase cancer in our furry friends, too. For that reason, you should keep your pet slip through a combination of healthy diet and exercise.

Consult with your local veterinary clinic if you have any questions about cancer and how to prevent and treat it. If you have a dog that is predisposed towards cancer, you may want to consider more frequent physical examinations, so that you can catch it early if it does occur. Need more help? Have other questions? Contact a company like 1st Pet Veterinary Centers - Chandler to learn more.