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4 Tips For Owning A Dog When You're On A Budget

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There is a good reason that dogs are known as man's best friend-- they are typically loyal and love their human family unconditionally. Many people want to add a dog to their family, but they worry that the expenses are beyond their budget. Luckily, it is possible to be a loving, responsible dog owner without breaking the bank. Use the following tips if you don't have a ton of money, but you have a lot of love to offer to a dog:

Adopt a Dog

One of the most affordable ways to add a dog to your family is by visiting your local animal control shelter or a rescue group. These organizations have many dogs that need good homes, so the adoption cost is typically quite affordable. In addition to being affordable, many shelters and rescue groups will provide all needed vaccinations, microchip the dog, and have a vet examine the dog before you take him or her home.

Low-Cost Vaccination Clinics

Just like humans, dogs need vaccinations throughout their lifetime to protect them from dangerous canine diseases. If you are unable to afford the fees that local vets charge, look for a low-cost vaccination clinic for your dog. The fees are lower, but these clinics are typically staffed by veterinarians and the vaccinations are exactly the same as what your dog would receive from a vet's office.

Stock Up On Food

When you're on a budget you may think that buying the cheapest dog food possible is the way to go, but feeding your pup quality food can prevent health issues that require expensive vet visits and treatments. Instead of skimping on the quality of your dog's food, try buying it in bulk to maximize your savings. Your dog will be happy to be eating high quality food, and you will reap the savings by having a healthier pet.

Be Your Own Trainer

A well behaved dog is important for most families, but if obedient training classes are not in the budget take it upon yourself to train your dog. Download training guides for your breed of dog, and take some time to watch videos online. If you are motivated and willing to make the effort, and also have a pocketful of treats to reward your dog, you are likely to see a big change in behavior in a short amount of time. In addition to saving money, training your dog yourself can also create a stronger bond between you and your pet. Contact a business, such as the Cherokee Hospital for Animals, for more information.