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Giving Someone A Kitten As A Gift? What To Know

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Considering giving someone the gift of a kitten? There are some important things that you'll want to do before you give them this great gift. You want to make sure that the cat is safe to give as a gift, and that the cat is ready to live a long healthy life.

It doesn't matter where you are getting the cat from, and you want to make an appointment with a veterinarian, at a place like Chicago Cat Clinic, to have it checked out. Here are a few things you want to ask about while you're at the appointment.

Cat Vaccinations

To ensure that the cat doesn't contract a disease, like rabies, rotavirus and more, it's imperative that the cat be vaccinated. Have the cat checked out by a veterinarian and take it to get all of its vaccinations. The veterinarian can also check it for ticks or fleas, and see if there are any other concerns to be worried about before giving the cat away.

Claw Removal

Are you worried that the cat could accidentally scratch the person that you are giving it to? If so, you can ask the veterinarian to declaw the front paws on the cat. This way when the cat is playing or climbing, you don't have to worry about sharp claws puncturing the skin or doing damage to fabric and upholstery. If the cat is going to be an outdoor pet, it may need those claws for self-defense at some point, or this is something you can let the potential owner decide.

Heart Worm Pills

You can also purchase a package of heartworm pills to include with the cat, so the person that is getting the kitten won't have to do anything for the first year of owning it. These are very important, especially during the warmer months and if the kitten is going to be around other animals on a regular basis.

Giving the kitten with a bag of food, or a basket of treats and toys that the new owner can share to bond with the pet is a great accessory. Other supplies like a litter box, litter, a collar and leash, or other items that the owner may want or need can also make the gift even great. If you think someone in your life would love to have a cat as a gift, make sure that you consider these important things before you give the car away.