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3 Tips For A Stress Free Dog Boarding Experience

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As a dog owner, utilizing a dog boarding facility can be something that is extremely helpful when going away on vacation. This way, you know your dog is being taken care of 24/7 while you are away. However, dog boarding can bring on some stressors for both you and your dog that you may not know how to handle. Here are three tips for a stress free dog boarding experience:

Book in Advance: 

First off, you should book your dog's stay as soon as you know what days you are going to be away. If not, the dog boarding facility that you wanted could be filled up, which will lead to you having to choose a less-than-desirable dog boarding facility. This can cause some stress not only because you will have to find a dog boarding facility last minute, but also because you will be stressed about your dog staying at one that you aren't as pleased with. This is especially true if you are going to be going away during the holidays, which is when dog boarding facilities tend to be the busiest. 

Ease Your Dog's Anxiety:

If your dog has a difficult time being away from you, it's important to ease their anxiety as much as you can. If it's severe, you can even consider getting medication from your vet before putting your dog in the dog boarding facility. The staff at the facility will be sure to give your dog their medication as per requested. When you do drop your dog off at the facility, it's important that you do not coddle your dog, which can only make it worse. Instead, give them a small kiss goodbye and leave them with some of their favorite toys from home. 

Tour the Facility:

Before actually dropping your dog off at the dog boarding facility, you should consider taking your dog there for a tour. This way, your dog can get used to the smells and staff at the facility, which will make dropping them off and their transition to staying there for a few days much easier. This visit also gives you the opportunity to talk to the staff about any specific requests you may have, as well as to talk about how to be prepared the day you drop your dog off. They can even provide you with a list that has all items to bring along with you so you don't forget. 

When you know these three tips for a stress free dog boarding experience, you can be sure that it works out in the best way possible.