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Are You A Rescuer At Heart? 3 Steps That Will Help You Care For A Stray

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If you're a rescuer by nature, you want to make sure you're prepared the next time you see an abandoned animal. If you see an animal roaming the street, you can't just stop and put it in your car. You need to make sure you're prepared for the rest of the rescue. Here are three tips that will help you care for an abandoned animal.

Be Prepared

It's a heart-breaking scenario. You're driving down the street and you see a puppy wandering alone. If you know that you want to stop and help each neglected animal that you run into, be prepared for the calling. Keeping a rescue kit in your car will allow you to safely, and properly, care for the abandoned animal. Here are the items you'll need to keep in your car.

  • Animal carrier
  • Food dish
  • Bottled water
  • Easy-to-open food
  • Heavy blanket
  • Collar and leash
  • Small first aid kit

It's important to note that if the animal acts aggressive when you approach it, you should back away and contact animal control. They're better equipped to handle aggressive animals.

Provide Emergency Care

Once you have the animal in your possession, you'll need to provide it with emergency care. It might have been a while since it last had food or water, so start slow. Too much food or water on an empty stomach could make the animal sicker.  Instead, place a small amount of food and water in the food dish.

Once the animal has consumed that, wait a few minutes and then offer it a bit more. While the animal is busy eating, take the opportunity to do a visual inspection of its body. Look for signs of injury that might need to be cared for. If you see open wounds, and the animal will let you touch it, use your first aid kit to tend to those minor injuries.

Visit the Veterinarian

As soon as the animal is stable, you should contact a veterinarian. Let them know that you are caring for an abandoned animal and that it's in need of attention. They might be willing to provide an initial consultation to let you know exactly what medical needs your new-found-friend is facing. This will also give the veterinarian the opportunity to see if the animal has been microchipped. If it has, they might be able to reunite a family with their lost pet. During the visit to the veterinarian, be sure to have the vet take a look at the dog's teeth and perform a dog dental cleaning if necessary. 

If you want to help every abandoned animal you encounter, be prepared when the opportunity presents itself. Use the information provided here to be ready the next time you see an animal in need of your help.