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Winter Grooming Tips That Will Make Your Cat's Life Better

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During the winter months, you cat has specific grooming needs that they need assistance with. Here are a few things you can do for your cat to make their life easier this winter. 

#1 Assist Your Cat With Growing A Healthy Winter Coat

During the winter months, your cat will grow a thicker coat of hair. This will help keep your cat nice and warm when it gets cold outside. 

You can help your cat develop a nice winter coat two different ways. To start with, let your cat go outside for short periods of time as the weather changes from warm to cold, and for very short stints once it is cold outside. This will help your cat's body register the change of seasons and will help them develop a nice, thick winter coat.

Next, you can assist your cat by paying attention to the food that you are giving your cat. Make sure that your cat's food is specifically designed to assist your cat with growing a healthy coat.

#2 Increase How Often You Brush Your Cat's Coat

During the winter months, your cat's coat is much thicker than it is throughout the rest of the year. It may be more difficult for your cat to take care of their coat on their own due to all the extra fur that is present. Your cat's thicker winter coat means that you need to brush your cat's more often during the winter months. By brushing your cat's coat frequently, you will help prevent your cat 's fur from getting tangled and matted. You will also help keep the amount of hair that your cat shed around your house under control.

It is important to also realize that your cat may be a little more sensitive during the winter. Their joints may be a little stiffer due to the cold, so it is vital that you hold your cat gently when you brush them, especially during the winter. 

#3 Keep Those Paws Clean

If your cat does go outside, you need to take extra care to keep your cat's paws clean. The chemicals used to treat the roads and sidewalks during the winter are generally not friendly to your cat's digestive system. If possible, try to use a damp cloth or pet wipes to clean your cat's paws when they come in from outside to remove any contaminants that are on their paws. This will prevent your cat from grooming themselves and ingesting these chemicals. 

If you do the three things above for your cat this winter, your cat should be able to enjoy a safe, warm and well-groomed winter season.