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Dogs Need Flea Prevention in the Winter Too

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Just because the weather is turning cooler doesn't mean you should give up on your dog's flea prevention. Fleas can thrive and breed in winter, and an infestation may be even more difficult to deal with during wintry months. Talk to your vet about the best way to keep your pet flea-free any time of the year:

Keep an eye out for fleas. Your dog may spend more time indoors during winter than other times of the year, so take advantage of the opportunity to watch your pet for signs of fleas. Any time of the year that you notice redness or a rash on yourself, see flea dirt or insects in the tub after a bath, or have observed excessive scratching with your pet, you could have a flea issue.  

Ask about prescribed medication. Monthly flea-preventative pills can be prescribed by your veterinarian. These medications may include heartworm prevention as well, so you could actually take care of both issues with one pill.

Watch what you take from others. Fleas can easily travel via clothing, bedding, and furniture, so be careful what you take from others to bring home. Be cautious about bringing home old furnishings or items from yard sales, thrift stores, or recycling centers too.

Wash in hot water. Make sure to regularly launder your pet's bedding and apparel. When you do laundry, make sure to use very hot water, which will kill any fleas that could be transferred via your pet's bedding or your clothes.

Bathe your pet with something unexpected. A good way to check for fleas on your dog and to give them some relief is with a warm bath using a mild dishwashing detergent. Skip the pricey shampoos; some dishwashing soaps are quite effective at getting rid of fleas on pets. Be sure to read the label to ensure the soap you get doesn't contain anything that could be deemed harmful to pets.

Give 'em a dip. Your vet may recommend a one-time flea dip that you can bathe your dog in. The benefit of these types of treatments is that they provide instant relief to an itchy pet, and you might be able to flush the fleas from your dog while you rid the home of fleas.

Fleas can be a pesky problem any time of the year, including during the winter. Make sure to keep your dog comfortable and healthy by getting rid of fleas at the first sight of them rather than risk an infestation. Talk to your vet about these suggestions and the best way to deal with your flea issue.

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